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  1. k rajaganapathy says:

    dear sir,
    i am rajaganapathy power palnt engineer from karaikal. iam learning music keyboard in local kishor-a-laya music school for last seven months.i am 42 years old and i want to learn playing devotional songs and bhajan sons of ayyappa and radha kalyanam.
    i ahve sent a mail to sri.bhmurali sir for helping me with thodakamangalam music notations
    please give me your advice and tips for having a home-recording facility.
    i have yamaha psr 423, pentium 4 pc with 40 gb hard disc, 556 mb ddram, simple external microphone, audio system came with pc and i have attached an amplifier and two speakers.
    the keyboard is having usb connection with pc and i can transfer midi files.
    please give further advice on software for home-recording.

    thank you,
    yours faithfully,
    k rajaganapathy

  2. Ganesh says:

    Hi Raj,

    1. Audio Recording: You can start with Audacity. It is a simple, free but powerful tool to record in MP3. You can connect the Line Out from your keyboard to the Line-In in your soundcard. You can easily find the Audacity download by googling.

    2. MIDI Recording: You can use FL Studio or Reaper. They come with a lot of Virtual Instruments. The best Virtual Instrument for all Indian Instruments is Swar Systems (Swar Plug). You can directly email them and they are very helpful. They have special prices if you buy from India.

    The free Asio4All driver will give better results than your sound card’s drivers. You can easily find that also by Googling.

    Let me know if you need further help.

  3. Madhusudan says:

    Very inspiring..!! Congratulations on achieving the competence in the keyboard music at this age. Well done…keep going..!!


  4. k raja ganapathy says:

    mr.ganesh narayanan and also mr madhusudan,

    i have started recording at home and progressing towards one own composition.
    soon i will send you all.

    thank you for encouragement.

    with regards,
    k rajaganapathy

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