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Here is the next one. This took quite some time to learn as this was the first one with my own fingering.

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Ragupathi Raghava and Maanasa Bajare

Some more clips: Ragupathi Raghava Maanasa Bajare Janaganamana

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Ganesha Charanam, Narayana and Govinda Krishna Vitale

Here is my first clip – Ganesha Charanam: Narayana: Govinda Krishna Vitale: Lingashtagam:

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Recording music from Keyboard to Laptop

I decided to blog about my music journey. I created the blog site in the server where I already have my domain hosted. I wanted to upload my training clips to my blog. For this, I need to record the music from my keyboard to a pc. I did some research and found the best […]

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The first step was to find a keyboard to learn. I had an old Casio keyboard lying at home for the past several years – the one my son used to learn when he was in school. Once it was setup, I was ready for the first class. I am adding some test audio here: […]

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I have always wanted to learn music ever since I was a kid. Now, after four decades, I have finally decided to do it. In my search for a good Teacher, I found the best one suited for my requirements, who is a leading Musician willing to teach someone like me, with zero previous knowledge in music, […]

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